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Uttarashada Nakshatra 2023 predictions

Uttarashada Nakshatra 2023 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Dhanu Rashi and Makar Rashi. Uttarashada Nakshatra pada 1 born Dhanu Rashi people will be forced to make serious career decisions. You will decide to go back home after some setbacks. Uttarashada Nakshatra pada 2 Makar Rashi born people searching for new job will need to be cautious about offers. Avoid giving money to strangers for jobs. Uttarashada Nakshatra pada 3 Makar Rashi born will face money related problems like fraud or delay in payments. Uttarashada nakshatra pada 4 Makar Rashi born people will be lucky in games, sports and stock market. Good months are February, April, July, September and December 2023.  January, March and August 2023 are bad months. May, June, October and November 2023 will be stagnant period with not much gain.

For people born in Uttarashada Nakshatra, 2023 will be a year of major changes in relationship and career. You will do face some delays and problems at workplace. New laws or new technology development will cause harm to your job. Business people will make expansion and good profits in the middle of the year. You will be able to overcome scandals and rumors at the workplace. There will be some trouble in the present job during the middle of the year. It is a good year to change jobs. You might decide to quit after you are denied promotion. Transfer to a distant place for some.

There will be some financial trouble in the second quarter. There will be some unexpected expenses. You will be getting costly gifts and jewelry. Stay away from financial dealings that are unlawful. You will be investing in household items. Spouse will be great help financially. An earlier investment will bring huge profit this year. People will attempt to cheat you in money matters with tempting offers.

There will be some health trouble in the first quarter of the year. You will face problems relate to bone and eyes.

Those in relationship will face some trouble due to ego and jealousy. Relatives who had been staying away due to some problems will come close. Some of you will be staying away from home. You will have suicide and destructive thoughts after failure or due to bad relationships.

There will be some trouble in an already fixed marriage. Good year if you are looking to remarry.

Students will perform very well. You will go to distant place for higher education.

Travels will be successful. Those looking to travel abroad will have the wish fulfilled.