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Story Of Nandi Cursing Ravana

There is an interesting story of Nandi, vahana or vehicle of Mahadeva Shiva, cursing demon Ravana. Legend has it that once Ravana’s aerial vehicle could not proceed because Mount Kailash was in the way. Instead of treating the abode of Mahadev Shiva with respect, Ravana, in his arrogance, saw it as an obstruction.

Nandi, the bull of Mahadev Shiva, warned Ravana not to disturb his Bhagavan Shiva. But Ravana mocked Nandi and made fun of his appearance. Angered, Nandi cursed Ravana and said that he would be destroyed by monkeys.

Nandi’s curse came true when Ravana’s capital city, Lanka, was destroyed by Hanuman and Ravana was defeated by an army of monkeys, led by Bhagavan Rama in the Ramayana.