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Shop Dream – What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Shop?

Dream about a shop is a positive sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will soon get money or there will be financial progress. When you dream of a shop it also means costly gifts. Dreams about a shop are also associated with upcoming functions or marriage in the family.

When you dream about a shop and you are present in the dream means there will be happy occasion in the family. It also means you will get opportunity to spent time with people you like in a place of your liking.

Dream about a shop and you are absent in the dream means you will forget something important. It also means family members will be angry with you.

Dreaming of a colorful shop is sign of new business opportunity or new wealth.

Dream about a shop and there is damage or accidents means natural calamity or fire when you are in a confined space.

Dreams about a shop in an unknown place or one you have never seen means moving into a new place.