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Mahapuja During Eclipse Or Grahan At Trimbakeshwar Temple

Trimbakeshwar Temple at Nashik is one of the rare Hindu temples that perform puja during Grahan (Surya Grahan and Chandra Grahan) or eclipse. Majority of the Hindu temples remain closed during an eclipse.

At Trimbakeshwar temple, Mahapuja begins when the eclipse begins and ends only when the eclipse is completed.

During the graham Mahapuja, the Shivling is adorned with seven grains (sapta dhanya). The grains used are rice, wheat, black sesame (til), chana dal and four varieties of dal or pulses including moong dal or green gram.

The naivedya or bhog or food offering is unique. The Grahan mahapuja naivedya is known as pancha pakwan and comprises of several dishes. Savory and sweets are offered as part of the graham bhog. Some of the dishes offered include dal, phulka, dry and gravy sabji, poori, khadi, rice, karanji, anarsa, shankarpali and ladoo.