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Krittika Nakshatra 2023 Predictions

Krittika Nakshatra 2023 predictions based on Hindu astrology – Mesha Rashi and Vrishabha Rashi. In 2023, Krittika Nakshatra pada 1 Mesha Rashi born people will face career problems. Those looking for new job will find it difficult. Krittika Nakshatra pada 2 (Vrishabha Rashi born people) born people will face some serious health issues and due to this some career problems. Krittika Nakshatra pada 3 Vrishabha Rashi born will need to be careful about financial dealings. Avoid standing as surety. Do not do any kind of mediation role. Krittika Nakshatra pada 4 Vrishabha Rashi born people will be lazy. They might develop bad habits which will result in damage of career and reputation. Good months are January, August and October 2023. February, March, May, July and November 2023 are tough periods. April, June, September and December 2023 will be stagnant period with not much gain.

Some of you will find new enthusiasm and motivation. Those looking for new jobs will find a desired job but will not be happy with the remuneration. You will be unhappy with the response to foreign job queries. Those who are self-employed will see progress. Students will do well. Those in creative field will face some troubles.

Professionals will need to work really hard to make career progress. At the workplace, you will face tough situations and deadlines. Some of you will be given key positions and additional responsibility. You should learn to control your anger as it might do some damage to you career. Business people will have a good period. There will good news regarding new investments. Government related troubles will be removed. You will make friendship with people in high positions.

Financially this is a safe period. You will be able to manage the expenses. There will be gains from stock markets and other such investments. Property deals done in this year will get you good profit. There will be some delay in moving into new home. Some of you will be spending on house modifications. Loans will be delayed.

There will be some trouble in the family. Marriage related plans would be delayed. Avoid playing the role of mediator. Children will make parents proud. Travel plans will be successful. There will be happy occasions in the family. There will be some trouble due to the opposite sex. A minor health issue which you had ignored might give you some tense situations in this year. It is a good year for those looking to remarry.

Those facing trouble in marriage will decide to take professional help.

Students will face some delays in admission.

Travels will be successful. You might face confusion and delays in certain points of travel.