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Kadamba Tree and Murugan – Why Muruga Is Known As Kadamban?

Kadamba tree, also known as Vellai Kadambu in Tamil and common bur flower tree in English, is associated with Murugan or Subrahmanya. According to ‘Thirumurugatrupadai’ (an ancient intensely devotional Tamil poem in the Sangam literature genre entirely dedicated to Muruga by Nakkiranar), Murugan is pleased to wear garlands of red kadamba flowers. He also dwells in the tree, thus acquiring the name Kadamban.

‘Thirumurugatrupadai’ (225) states that the Kadamba tree smiling with new blossoms is one of the places frequently visited by Murugan.

There is a popular belief that worshipping Kadamba tree is equal to worshipping Murugan.

Gohitayani, a nurse of Skanda or Muruga, is worshipped under a Kadamba tree.

There are many references connecting Kadamba tree with Murugan in the Sangam literature.