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Dreaming Of Number 3 – Meaning

Dreaming of number 3 is both positive and negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means achievement and gains. It also means you will be unhappy or disappointed in not achieving more. Dreams of number 3 also mean losing out in a competition and you being dejected with the final result.

Dream of number 3 is also a sign that you will get to choose between things in near future. It also means confusion as to what to choose.

Dreaming of number 3 and you wake up happy is a sign that you will do better than expected. It also means your hard work will be rewarded.

Dreams of number 3 and you see other people mean honor and respect.

Dream of number 3 falling down or you chasing it means you will have to work hard to achieve something. It also means you will make serious attempts to achieve success in something which can change your life.