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Dreaming Of Not Studying For Exam – Meaning

Dreaming of not studying for exam is a warning sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means you will come under stress and tension soon. It also means regret of not doing things on time. Dreams of not studying for exam are also a sign that you will not be ready for an important interview or appointment which will come up suddenly in near future. It also means your mind will be distracted with something else. It also means sudden developments in your family or relationships creating problems to your daily routine.

Dream of not studying for exam and you are seen walking hastily or crying means failure and you will realize that it was due to your fault.

Dreams of not studying for exam and you see other people accusing you means friends or family turning against you. It also means you will be exposed.

Dreaming of not studying for exam and it takes place in an unknown place means things you have prepared will be of no use in a test or interview.

Please note that usually dreams associated with not studying for exam etc happen just before an important test or interview. The dream is nothing but an extension of daytime activity. Such dreams have no meaning. It is only a reflection of your fear and mental state.