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Dreaming Of Nice Teeth – Meaning

Dreaming of nice teeth is both good and bad as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will get opportunity to come out clean. It also means new beginning and new relationships. If you dream of nice teeth and you are happy it is a sign of progress and new successful approach to a life issue. Dreams of nice teeth are also a sign of desire fulfillment related to beauty.

Dream of nice teeth and you see yourself in dream means you will show a positive approach to life. It also means making some changes to attract someone or to achieve something.

Dreaming of nice teeth and you see white all around is a signal for you to mend your ways and become good. It is also a sign to make peace with your friends or colleagues. It also means people will see through your lies.

Dream of nice teeth and you wake up terrified or sad means scandal or a crime you committed will be caught.