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Dreaming Of My Ex Every Night – Meaning

Dreaming of my ex every night is a bad omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means holding on to your past will destroy your present and future. It also means you will get into problems in near future by trying to invite something or someone from your past. Dreams of my ex every night also means you are not happy with your present life and you are trying to find solace in thinking that something else would have been better.

Dream of my ex every night and you wake up happy means you will soon see a change of fortune. It also means return of someone back to your life.

Dreaming of my every night and you are unhappy or crying means trouble in personal life due to the arrival of a new person.

Please note that dream of my ex every night usually has no meaning as it is mere extension of your daytime thoughts. Most people think about ex before going to sleep and then see dream. Such dreams have no meaning. A dream to have meaning it should happen naturally without any day time influence.