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Dreaming Of Leaves – Meaning

Dreaming of leaves is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream is a sign of upcoming positive change in life. It also means progress with the help of another person. Dreams of leaves mean something might look hard or not useful in beginning but later it might turn to be lifesaver.

Dream of leaves and you are in the dream means you can expect solution to a nagging problem. It also means going away of something that was disturbing you it can be person or a problem.

Dreaming of leaves and you are unhappy means loss. It can be loss of life or things. It also mean disturbance in your present life due to sudden exit of a person or thing.

Dreams of leaves of yellow color are associated with boredom and lethargy. It also means time to give way to younger generation.

Dreams of lot of green leaves together means desire fulfillment.