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Diwali Is Going Mainstream In US

A few years back, Diwali was a festival limited to South Asian entrepreneurs In US. But this year things have changed a lot, popular brands like Lego, Costco, Hallmark and Target have joined in the Diwali celebrations.

Harmeet Kaur writes in CNN about this change…

Diwali seems to be everywhere this year.

More and more major brands are recognizing the festival of lights, running ad campaigns and stocking products related to the holiday in the US. South Asian Americans who celebrate Diwali can now pick up fireworks from Costco, greeting cards from Hallmark and party decorations from Target.

The growing acknowledgment of the holiday in the US is a marked shift for many first- and second-generation South Asian Americans who grew up celebrating the festival at home but rarely saw it acknowledged outside of their communities.

The proliferation of Diwali ad campaigns and products, marketing strategists and business owners say, reflects just how much the South Asian population in the US has grown in recent years.

Indian Americans also have a median household income of $119,000 – well above that of the overall population.

Diwali, then, presents a significant commercial opportunity for businesses, given that it’s tradition to give gifts, ignite firecrackers and feast with friends and family.

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