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Chitragupta Mantra – Chitragupta Puja Mantra

Chitragupta mantra is chanted for achieving progress in business. It is also chanted for sin redemption and to escape from fear of death. Chitragupta puja mantra should be chanted during the evening time just after sunset. The person chanting the mantra should sit facing east.

Chitragupta Mantra
चित्रगुप्ताय नमः
Om Chitraguptaya Namah

Keep a pen or painting of Chitragupta and sit facing south. Light a lamp using pure cow ghee. Offer flowers, uncooked rice, sweet, and a fruit.

Then chant the mantra 108 times.

After this write the mantra 11 times in a white paper and keep it near the painting.

एक चौकी पर भगवान चित्रगुप्त की तस्वीर स्थापित करें और उन्हें रोली, अक्षत, फूल, मिठाई, फल अर्पित करें।

इसके बाद एक कोरे कागज पर 11 बार ' चित्रगुप्ताय नमः' मंत्र को लिखें और इसे भगवान के चरणों में रख दें।