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Bhagavad Gita Chapter IX Verse 4

By Me, in my unmanifest form, is all this world pervaded; all beings exist in Me, but I do not dwell in them. (Gita Chapter IX verse 4).

The entire universe is pervaded by the Spirit. God is Spirit and as Spirit, that is in His highest unmanifest form He is present in every being, quite invisible to the senses. Neither can any instrument detect Him, for He is subtler than the subtlest, finer than the finest. He is beyond the reach of the mind and the senses, subtler than the ether in the air. And in Me of unmanifest form all beings exist. From Brahma, the Creator, down to the minutest form of life, all exist in Me. It is through Me as the Self of all that beings have their individual existence. I, the absolute Existence, the sat, am their real existence. I am the sat in everybody. Still see the wonder and mystery: I do not dwell in them, I am free from contact with them. I am the Self, the Consciousness, the innermost Essence. They are what they are, in virtue of Me. But I am not contained in them. I remain always unmodified Consciousness. I do not take form like corporeal things. It only appears to be so. It is like ether or space. You cannot say, here is a cupful of space. So by taking hold of a person you cannot say, there is a measure of Spirit. The Spirit cannot be divided. It pervades everywhere. There is no place the size of an atom where the Spirit is not.

The Spirit is one uninterrupted omnipresent whole. Name and form alone make an apparent distinction. It is by name and form that this universe is split up and divided. But what is name and form? A creation, an activity of the mind. The whole universe exists through the universal Mind. But individually it exists through our personal mind. Remove these ideas of name and form, time and space; wipe the mind clean of all these superstitions, and the Truth, the Spirit, remains. Wake up from sleep and the dream disappears.