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Bhagavad Gita Chapter IX Verse 1

Now I shall declare to thee, who art without evil thought, this most profound secret wisdom combined with realization, knowing which thou shalt be freed from evil. (Bhagavad Gita 9.1)

Now, after having told you in the preceding chapters about the goal and the means of reaching it, I shall tell you about another path by which Brahman may be known. It is a most profound secret, but I can tell it to you because your mind is pure and free from evil thoughts.’

What a glorious state is that of Arjuna, to be told the truth by the Lord Himself! But he fully deserves it. Bhagavan says, ‘I cannot tell this to all, but I can tell it to you because you don’t have evil thoughts.’ How wonderful, to be without evil thought. Some way or other we may manage to go through life without committing many evil deeds, at least not openly and publicly. But to be without evil thought, who could say that of himself? Never to be jealous, envious and hateful even in thought — that is remarkable. Then the mind indeed must be filled with the Spirit; for so long as there is worldliness in the mind, evil thoughts must arise. Arjuna lived in the world, but he was not of the world. He was like the lotus, which though growing in the mire, holds its beautiful head above the mire. Others are like vultures, as Ramakrishna used to say. The vulture flies high up in the sky, in the purest air, but its eyes are constantly watching for carcasses. Some men talk high philosophy and high doctrines but their thoughts are very low and evil. But not so Arjuna. What is that great secret that Bhagavan will declare? It is the secret of Brahmajnana, Wisdom and its realization. It is vijnana, the direct perception of Truth. Bhagavan calls it a secret because it is known to very few and should not be communicated to the evil-minded. They will only cavil at it or misinterpret it and use it to do harm to themselves and to others. It is a great mystery, until it is well known.

The knowledge regarding nature and the knowledge of the Spirit is the most mysterious of all. If you have mastered this secret you will be free from all evil because it is the road to freedom. It leads one beyond samsara, beyond existence. It is the only direct path; and for you, who can follow it, the quickest of all paths.