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Why We Are Unable To Realize The Universal Mind?

To the one attached to the body it is nearly impossible to conceive the universe as the gross body of God and imagining the universal Mind, ishwara and Brahman behind it.

An ant crawling on a human hand may not be able to imagine that it is moving on a much bigger human body. It can much less think of the mind and Atman that are behind the human body.

Even so, inhabiting an infinitesimally small part of the universe — some limb of God — man finds it odd to visualize this entire universe as God’s gross body and think of a cosmic Mind, ishwara and Brahman behind. What prevents this visualization is his attachment to the body. In fact, it is body consciousness that is responsible for the distinction between ‘external’ and ‘internal’. Completely free from body consciousness, great souls are ever in tune with the universal Mind. This gives them control over other minds and helps them see their contents like objects in a glass case.