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What Is A Perumthrikkovil?

Perumthrikkovil (പെരും തൃക്കോവിൽ) is a term used to describe certain temples in Kerala. To be qualified as perumthrikkovil a temple should have five essential characteristics. A temple which has all the pancha prakarangal is referred to as perumthrikkovil.

The five essential characteristics that make a temple perum thrikkovil are:

Akathe Balivattom (അകത്തെ ബലിവട്ടം)

Chuttambalam or Nalambalam also known as Anthahara  (ചുറ്റമ്പലം അഥവാ നാലമ്പലം - അന്തഹാര)

Madhyahara or Vilakkumadam (മധ്യഹാര അഥവാ വിളക്കുമാടം)

Purathe Balivattom (പുറത്തെ ബലിവട്ടം)

Maryada or Puram Mathil (മര്യാദ അഥവാ പുറം മതിൽ)

Some of the famous Perumthrikovil are located in Ernakulam and Thrissur district. The most famous among them is the Alathiyur Sree Perum Thrikkovil Temple - Hanuman Kavu, Ramamangalam Perumthrikkovil, Udayamperoor Ekadasi Perumthrikkovil , Oramana Perum Thrikkovil etc.