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Tulapursha Dana Benefits

Tulapursha dana is the weighing oneself in a balance against gold and various other materials and giving away that quantity of materials as a gift. Tulapurusha dana takes precedence over the sixteen maha danas (great gifts) described in Hindu religious texts. The main benefits include peace, prosperity, disease free body, long life and desire fulfillment.

The placement of the balance is as follows – A shed is erected on a place sloping to the northeast quarter and an altar is prepared therein in the northeastern side, and circular fire altars are established on each of the four corners. Oblations are given to Ganesha, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and other divinities. This is accompanied by recitation of Vedic hymns and invoking the guardian deities. The balance is attached to two pieces of wood made of sandal or khadira or bilva or ashvattha or devadaru or vata trees planted in the midst. Next, the donor, who is clad in white, invokes the balance, considered as a symbol of Vishnu Bhagavan. After circumambulating the balance, the donor sits on one of the pans. Sacred icons, made of gold, may be held by the votary. He is balanced against the chosen material. The gift is distributed among the priests and learned scholars. One who makes such a gift is said to go to the divine realms.

Tulapursha dana is said to be particularly beneficial when done on days of an eclipse, or the full moon or when sacrificial rites are performed or festivals celebrated. The offering of gifts is said to ward off misfortunes. The appropriate places for performing Tulapursha dana are temples, cowsheds, riverbeds and groves. The recipients of the gifts, should be pious and proficient in the scriptures. Sri Krishna temple at Guruvayur, Kerala is noted for this practice of weighing one against bananas, sugar, jaggery and so on. This is mostly done on one’s birthday in fulfillment of a vow.