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Trimbakeshwar Temple Food Offering – Bhog

Trimbakeshwar Temple at Nashik in Maharashtra is one of the Jyotirlinga temples in India. Here is a look at the unique food offerings or bhog or naivedya performed at Trimbakeshwar, one of the 12 important Shiva temples in India.

The same bhog is offered three times in a day. The first puja is in the temple is to Brahma, second puja is to Bhagavan Vishnu and the third puja is to Shiva.

Onion and garlic are not used in the preparations.

The priests making the food wear pitambar garments (red or yellow color clothes).

The food offered to the deities at Trimbakeshwar temple consists of –

  • Dal Chawal – rice cooked with lentils (without onion and garlic).
  • Two Vegetable Sabzi – one is dry and other is with gravy (without onion and garlic).
  • Kadhi made from yogurt – in some days instead of kadhi, ghee poori is offered.
  • Fine powdered sugar.
  • Rice.
  • Phulka Chapati.
  • Kheer (made from milk, rice and sugar). This is offered in large silver plates and the quantity is equal to that served for six persons.