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Tiliyado Ninnata Tirupatiya Venkata – Sri Kalluri Subbannacharya - Expression Meaning

Sri Kalluri Subbannacharya, alos known as Subbannachar, was a great scholar and has written many ‘padams’ in Kannada. He was called Vyasa Vittalankitulu. He attained the perfect grace of Sri Vijayadasa. The potential and scholarly characteristics in his writings were magnificent. The wonderful mystic philosophy of Bhagavan Srinivasa was reflected in his three ‘charanams’ incorporating the ten incarnations of Srihari Vishnu. The ‘padam’ was popular in the hearts of every devotee of Srinivasa. It is usually sung in the ‘Kalyani Raga. ‘The padam’ starts with ‘Tileyado Ninnaata Tirupatiya Venkata…’

The expression ‘Poleva Neerolu’ symbolized Matsyavataram as it denotes Bhagavan’s luster in the water. ‘Geluva moreya’ tells about Kurmavatara. The expression reflects that Bhagavan raised His face. ‘Nelava Noduva’ expresses Varahavataram which tells Bhagavan’s caring attitude for the creation. ‘Suliva Kambhadi’ means that Bhagavan comes out of the pillar in Narasimhavatharam. ‘Eleya Naliyuva’ means that Bhagavan measures the earth in Vamanavataram. ‘Bhalire Bhargava’ brings one to light that Bhagavan is a magnanimous and a bold Brahmin in Parasurama Avatarm. The expression ‘Khalana Bhedisi’ tells that Bhagavan destroys the monsters in Ramavataram. ‘Kolala Dvanige’ means that Bhagavan plays the flute in Krishnavataram. ‘Nalina Mukhiyaranaachisuva’ expresses that Bhagavan instills noble thoughts in the hearts of women. ‘Hayadala dahavanegarane’ means that Bhagavan climbs the horse to destroy the evil forces in the world in His tenth incarnation i.e., Kalki Avataram. Who knows Your ‘maya’ or “leela’ in this world? Even Goddess Lakshmi astounds at Your ‘leelas.’ Brahma and other deities do not know Your mysterious ‘maya.’ This is Your mysticism.

Sri Kalluri Subbannacharya says: ‘O! Bhagavan! You have constructed Your residence in water. You have borne the burden of the universe on Your back. You have possessed the terrible teeth. You have the lustrous appearance of a man and a lion at the same time in Your incarnation. You have possessed the entire cosmos in Your Vamanavataram. You are a courageous and an ethical person in Parasurama Avatharam. You are the destroyer of all monsters in the world in the embodiment of Sri Rama. You are the Father of Lord Cupid, the God of Love in Krishnavataram. As Bhagavan, You have reformed the activities of women. As the most handsome person, You climb the horse in Kalki Avataram.’

Sri Subbannacharya further eulogizes: ‘Hey! Bhagavan Lakshmi Ramana! All your activities are full of mysticism. You have saved Arjuna, the brother of Bhima. You are ‘Kamadhenuvu’ and Kalpavruksha’ to Your devout devotees. You have protected the Vedas. You have lifted the Govardhan Mountain. You have protected the earth by putting it on Your teeth.

You are renowned as ‘Narahari.’ You have measured the entire cosmos with Your ingenuity. You are called ‘Bhargava.’ You have eaten fruits to give salvation to Your earnest and plain devotee Sabari as Sri Rama. You are the husband of Rukmini, the sister of Rukmi. You are Kalki Ramana.’ Sri Subbannacharya eulogizes Bhagavan by saying that even thousand eyes are not enough to see Bhagavan’s grandeur and glory. Even Adi Sesha is not efficient to extol Bhagavan’s Srinivasa’s greatness even though He has innumerable tongues. Bhagavan does not shut His eyes when He is in the form of fish. He shows His back to protect the devotees when He is a tortoise. He digs the earth when He is in the form of a boar. A small boy, Prahlada has captured the Bhagavan’s attention. Bhagavan is very short in the form of Vamana. He is also in the form of Parasurama. He is ‘Punya Purusha’ in the embodiment of Sri Rama. He is a naughty boy in the incarnation of Bhagavan Krishna. He has created enlightenment in the hearts of women as Bhagavan. When He is Kalki, He takes the horse and protects the entire universe. One cannot comprehend the mystic ‘leelas’ of Bhagawan Srinivasa.