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Thakur Das – San Panth – Vaishnava Saint Who Was Killed But Came Back Alive

Thakur Das is a Vaishnava Saint of Uttar Pradesh and was founder of Sai Panth. He was once attacked and killed for teaching tenets of Hinduism to Hindus by Muslims but he came back alive. Thakur Das was born in Sambhal (Moradabad district, Uttar Pradesh) in a Brahmin family nearly 300 years ago. His father was a great Vaishnava saint of Ramanandi sect, who founded a center for the propagation of Vaishnavism at Paharpur (North West Frontier, Pakistan) with the object of protecting Hinduism. Later on, this center was shifted to Bakhar (West Punjab).

Thakur das was nominated after death of his father to continue the spiritual activities and guide the Hindus of the region (only ten percent of the total population) who were ignorant of their religious canons.

It is said that he regularly meditated outside Bakhar on the bank of a river. Some local Muslims could not tolerate his propagation of the tenets of Hinduism. They attacked him and put him to death, while he was performing his daily sadhana on the bank of the river. But they were astonished to see Thakur Das alive and chanting the names of God with greater zeal. The murderers addressed him as Sai (master) and sought forgiveness from him.

Followers of Thakur Das believe that he brought a stream of Ganga to Bakhar at the request of his intimate disciple. He appointed Gurumukh Das the spiritual guide of Sai panth and passed away in peace.