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Tattva Shekara Of Sri Pillai Lokacharya

Tattva Shekara is a work by Sri Pillai Lokacharya (1264 – 1327 CE) of Srirangam. Tattva Shekara reveals one of the eighteen secrets revealed by Sri Pillai Lokacharya, who is considered as the father of Thenkalai (Southern School) of Vaishnavism. His works are eighteen and collectively called Ashtadasa Rahasyams in Mani Pravala style.

Tattva Shekara is counted as the tenth secret among the 18 secrets revealed by Sri Pillai Lokacharya.

Tattva Shekara provides confirmation of the eternal truth that the Paramatma is the consort of Sri, as evidenced in Vedas and other works.

Tavam (Vishnu), Tirumal Shekaram (poetic significance), Artha Panchakam (five concepts) are explained with the attainment of the goal and with more emphasis on the nature of God.

The text contains four chapters. The first chapter quotes scriptural evidences that categorically state that Narayana is the highest God, and the Ultimate Reality.

In the second chapter, Sri Pillai Lokacharya describes the nature of self by once again referencing scriptural testimony.

The identical description of the nature of self is continued in the third chapter.

In the fourth chapter, Sri Pillai Lokacharya deals with the ultimate goal of all souls, which he states to be self-surrender to God. He says that the ultimate summum bonum consists in the servitude  to God, roused by love of him, due to the knowledge of one’s own nature, as well as the nature of God in all his divine beauty, majesty, power, and supreme excellence.