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Plant – Tree Associated With Navagraha Surya or Sun God

The tree or plant associated with Navagraha Surya or Sun God is swallow wort or arka. People facing problems in horoscope due to the bad positioning of Navgraha Surya will find relief after worshiping Surya with the arka leaves and flowers.

The plant is known as madar and akada in Hindi, Vellerukku in Tamil.

The word arka means relating or belonging to the sun.

The worship with arka leaves to Navagraha Surya should be performed in the morning. Surya is also worshipped with the leaves on saptami or the seventh day during the fortnight.

It is doubly auspicious to worship Surya with Arka leaves on Sunday.

The mantra chanted while offering Arka leaves is the Gayatri Mantra.