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Plant – Tree Associated With Navagraha Chandra or Moon God

The tree or plant associated with Navagraha Chandra or Moon god is flame of forest or palash. People facing problems in horoscope due to the bad positioning of Navagraha Chandra will find relief after worshiping Chandra or moon god with the palash leaves and flowers.

The plant is known as palash in Hindi, Chamata in Malayalam.

The worship with palash leaves to Navagraha chandra should be performed in the evening when there is moon in the sky. Moon is also worshipped with the leaves on Monday and it is doubly auspicious.

It is doubly auspicious to worship Chandra with palash on full moon day.

The mantra to be chanted while offering prayers is

Om Shreem Chandramase Namah
  श्रीं चन्द्रमसे नम:।।