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Personal God Can Be Negated Only When Individual Has Transcended Individuality

God, universe and the soul (jiva) stand or fall by the same logic. As we know, God and the universe are real as long as the jiva is aware of his individuality. If Personal God, soul and the universe were three vertices of a triangle, it would be clear that when one vertex is true the other two are also true. If the jiva vertex is real, the world is real for him and so is Personal God.

Similarly, if the universe vertex is real, it will necessitate a creator (God) and a jiva to experience joy and sorrow from it. This is akin to a house implying a dweller for whom it is meant.

Similarly, when the God (Creator) vertex is true, the universe and souls – His creations – must exist, for He cannot be called a Creator when he has no creation to speak of. He would then be just Brahman, actionless, one without a second.

A similar triangle provides further elucidation. Father, mother and child are the three vertices of this triangle. If the father vertex is true, the mother and child are implied, for a husband becomes a father only when the child is born and his wife becomes a mother. The same is true of the mother vertex. And if the child vertex is true, it automatically implies a father and a mother. The point emerging from these triangles is that a Personal God can be negated only if an individual has transcended his individuality – characterized by attachment to body and mind — and knows that he is the Spirit. Till then the triangle is very real. It will be illogical to deny any of the vertices to the exclusion of the rest.