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Lambodara And 56 Vinayaka Worship In Varanasi

Lambodara Ganesha is one among the 56 Vinayakas worshipped in Varanasi or Kashi. This is mentioned in Kashi khanda of the Skanda Purana. Some of the names of this form of Ganapati include Lambodara Vinayaka and Lambodara Vighnesha.

The 56 Vinayakas are positioned at the eight cardinal points in seven concentric circles. The 56 Vinayakas center around Dhunhiraja or Dhundi Vinayaka who is worshipped near the world famous Kashi Vishwanatha Temple. Lambodara Ganesha is found on the southeast corner of the second circle and this is near the Kedar Ghat at Lali Ghat.

The 56 Vinayakas and the interconnecting circles represent the interconnection between various forces in the universe. All these forces emanate from Mahadeva.

This form of Ganesha is worshipped for peace and to control anger.

In Shakti worship, Lambodara is one of the eight Guardian deities and is associated with Kamakhya. Lambodara guards the eastern face of Bhairava.

The name Lambodara means the long-bellied and is used lovingly to refer to Ganesha in Maharashtra.