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Khadga – Sword As A Symbol Of Enlightenment

As per Hindu philosophy, Khadga, sword, is a symbol of enlightenment believed to destroy ignorance. As per Hinduism, ignorance is the enemy of liberation from the bonds of worldly attachments. One has to make use the sword to cut away ignorance which is stopping a person from attaining self realization. The sword held by Hindu gods and goddesses is symbolically asking a devotee to cut and clear the obstacles like maya, ignorance and those created the senses. If we do not cut them away at the right time they turn into a huge forest. We are lost in this huge forest and suffer endlessly. Obstacles in the way of self realization created by sense organs need to be chopped off at the right time.

Khadga in Hinduism is a broad, parallel-sided sword, having two sharp edges and a pointed edge. It has been described as a most superior weapon and was held in high esteem. It belonged to the amukta class, i.e. it was not meant to be hurled or thrown.

According to the Puranas, it was created by Brahma to free the earth from the evil forces. It must be noted that all evil and good are preset in an individual. When evil overpowers a human being he has to make use the sword of discrimination and cut off all evil tendencies.