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Plant – Tree Associated With Navagraha Ketu

The tree or plant associated with Navagraha Ketu is cotton wool grass or darbha. People facing problems in horoscope due to the bad positioning of Navagraha Ketu will find relief after worshipping Ketu with darbha.

The plant is known as Darbai in Tamil, Dabh in Hindi and kusha in Sanskrit.

The worship with darbha to Navagraha Ketu should be performed in the evening. It is doubly auspicious to worship when there is eclipse and also during inauspicious period in a day like rahukalam etc.

It is highly auspicious to worship Ketu with darbha grass on Sunday.

The mantra to be chanted while offering prayers is
Om Ketuvishwaveya namah.

Planting and taking care of darbha grass is another way to mitigate the influence of Ketu in one’s life.