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Jaimini Sutra Bhashya Of Sri Vallabhacharya

Jaimini Sutra Bhashya is a commentary on Mimamsa Sutras of Jaimini of Sri Vallabhacharya. Sri Vallabhacharya is the founder of Pushtimarg and the corresponding school of philosophy known as Shuddhadvaita.

This commentary is now lost, and the very fact of its composition is very much in dispute among scholars within Pushtimarg. No copies of such a manuscript exist in Pushtimarg libraries, and no commentaries, even fragmentary, exist on it by either Vitthalnath or Purushottama (1668 – 1725 CE), seventh in descent from Vallabhacharya, the best known and most highly regarded commentator in the sect, who wrote commentaries on all of Vallabhacharya’s work.

On the other hand, it is not impossible that a major work, which was then known and about which rumor has persisted for centuries, was lost during the chaotic first two decades after Vallabhacharya’s death in 1531 CE. There was a good deal of tension and family dispute until the accession of Vitthalnath in 1550 CE., following the death of Gopinatha’s son Purushottama.

In Jaimini Sutra Bhashya, Vallabhacharya supposedly argues (among other things) that God, rather than Vedic injunction, motivates the performance of ritual action. This represents a further attempt to harmonize Purva Mimamsa with Vedanta. However, he argues this elsewhere, including in Anubhashya and various parts of Sodasagranthah.