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Is Number 741 Inauspicious In Hindu Religion?

Is Number 741 Inauspicious In Hindu Religion? Yes for certain Hindu communities in Rajasthan and for Hindu businessman from the region. No one should ever open a letter, the envelope of which bears the figure 741. Only the addressee is allowed the open the letter with the number 741.

This taboo has been prevalent among Hindu businessmen, especially in Rajasthan. It relates to the fall of Chittorgarh in 1576 CE when Rana Pratap was its ruler. It is said that Akbar estimated the number of Rajput soldiers who had died by collecting and weighing the sacred threads on their bodies. The collective weight was 741 pounds. Vincent A. Smith, the English biographerof Akbar, observes in this context that, since the fall of Chittor, the number 741 has been held to be accursed.