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Goddess Ardra In Hindu Religion

Goddess Ardra, in Hindu religion, is one among the names of Goddess Lakshmi. She is the goddess of abundance and consort of Bhagavan Vishnu. In this form she is the connecting link between individual souls and god. The individual souls are chetana and god is ishwara or paramatma. She forgives the mistakes of her devotees. She is the mother of all (akhilajaganmata). Sri Suktam in Veda contains 15 mantras which are recited for evoking the Goddess. Her symbols are lotus and turmeric.

She is the embodiment compassion, forgiveness, generosity, wealth, good fortune, welfare and nature (maya or prakriti).

Sri Suktam states 50 names of Goddess Lakshmi and Ardra is one among them.

Ardra means one who drives away the sins of the surrendered.

This form of Goddess Lakshmi is propitiated by those wishing to achieve spiritual enlightenment. It is also performed for beauty and to overcome skin diseases.