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Five Elements Or Pancha Bhootas And Corresponding Puja Offerings

Five Elements or Pancha Bhootas are a very important concept in Hinduism. As per Hindu religion the universe, in harmony with the five elements (earth, water, fire, vayu and ether) presents an ideal state. Hindus have puja offerings to the five elements and most of them offer this knowingly or unknowingly. Here are the five elements and their corresponding puja offerings.

  1. The offering to aksaha or space is pushpam or flower.
  2.  The offering to vayu or air is dhoopam or incense.
  3. The offering to fire or agni is lamp or diya.
  4. The offering to jal or water is water or ghee
  5. The offering to bhoomi or earth is chandan.

The sense organ corresponding to space is ears, that of air is touch or skin, that of agni is vision or eye, that of jal is tongue or taste and that of earth is smell or nose.