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Every Effort Towards A Noble End Is A Reward In Itself

This seems a hard saying. Of course, we know from our worldly experiences that whatever is of great value is difficult to attain. And we also know that very few persons succeed in attaining the fullness of their ambitions. How many strive to become rich and how many succeed? How many strive to excel in art, in science, in music, on the stage? We all want to reach the top. But there seems to be room for very few when it comes to the highest attainment. Experts, masters of their art, are one or two among thousands of their colleagues. Everywhere many are called, but few are chosen. But that need not discourage us. We must try anyhow, in the hope that in the end we shall succeed. And even though we may not hope to reach the very highest success, still there is satisfaction in following in the train of those who have the same ambition. Every effort towards a noble end is a reward in itself.

If it is so in worldly matters, how much more so is it in things spiritual! There the goal is the very highest. And every step towards that goal is a blessing in itself. We strive for worldly attainment, which ends when life is over. How much more should we strive for spiritual success which is eternal and where no labour is ever lost? Sri Krishna says, ‘Even little attempts for a spiritual life, bring wonderful results’ (2.40). We are all travelling towards the one Goal; and until that Goal is reached we shall find no rest. We may delay life after life, but the time must come that we will strive in full earnest for perfection and for the knowledge of God. Every step advanced is so much gain. That effort is carried over to the next life. Then we begin where we left off in our last life. There is therefore no reason to feel discouraged. What we have done in this life, need not be done over in the future.