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Dreaming Of Phone – Meaning – What Does A Phone Symbolize In Dream?

Dreaming of phone is both good and bad as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will soon get to hear good news. In dream phone symbolize important communication in near future and you should be alert. Dreams of phone also mean you can expect sudden change in life.

Dream of phone and you are happy in the dream means communication of good news. It also means new relationship and happy occasion. You can also expect positive news about career.

Dreaming of phone and you are unhappy in the dream means you will hear news about death or accident. It also means reversal of financial or career fortunes.

Dreams of lot of colorful phones mean romance or new relationship. It also means desire fulfillment in love related matters.

Dream of phone breaking means frustration and anger against someone will be directed at innocent people. It also means failure and non fulfillment of desire.

Dream of old phones means you will get to know about ancestral wealth and the antiques will give you hope and financial relief.