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Dreaming Of Movie – Meaning

Dreaming of movie is a kind of warning as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you are not living in reality. You need to focus on reality and stop going after silly things which adds no real value to life. Dreams of movie also mean fresh ideas and progress in the field of art and craft.

Dream of movie is associated with lethargy and easy going attitude. It means soon you will get into problems and will be clueless on how to face them.

Dreaming of emotional movie about relationships means you will get into bad relationships or an existing relationship might face issues.

Dreaming of violent movie is a sign of insecurity and problems in future. It means you might face physical violence. It also means convincing yourself that you can do the impossible.

Dream of scary movie means you will face emotional issues and will take refuge in rituals to solve problems. It also means believing fantasy and superstitions to be true.

Please note that dream of movie generally has no meaning as it is just a continuation of a movie that you might have seen during the day. The dream to have a meaning should happen naturally without any daytime influence.