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Dreaming Of Mice – Meaning – Mouse Dream

Dreaming of rats is very bad as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means there will be damage to property or some other kind of damage to things that you value most. Mouse are nibblers and it means there will harm to health or wealth. Dreams of mice are a warning sign about upcoming problems in life.

Seeing dream of several mice together means you will face sudden problems in various aspect of life including relationship, studies and career.

Dreaming of dead mice is a sign of bad health. You or a family member can expect severe health issues.

Dreaming of mice running on you and all around means natural calamity. You can expect attack by poisonous animals. It also means unable to reach a particular place on time.

Seeing dream of mice being hunted or getting killed by other animals like snake etc means you will face difficulties but you will overcome them. You just need to stay focused and ignore all things that are not part of your goal.

Dreaming of mouse in water means your dream of going to distant place will be fulfilled in near future.