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Dreaming Of Mehendi – Meaning

Dreaming of mehendi is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you will soon see improvement in health. Decision regarding marriage will be taken soon. It is also a sign of happiness and new relationship. Dreams of mehendi and you are unhappy in the dream means you will forced to obey or follow other people’s decisions.

Dream of mehendi in your hands means there will be calmness and peace in life.

Dream of mehendi in a person you hate or have never seen is a sign of problems in life especially in relationship.

Dream of mehendi and there are known people in the dream means you will get help from a group or relatives. It is a sign of progress.

Dreaming of mehendi going bad or getting distorted means you will make some firm decisions especially regarding house or travels. It also means loss of valuable items

Dream of mehendi and you wake up terrified means you will see return of an old problem. It also means meeting your ex.