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Dreaming Of Lychees – Meaning

Dreaming of lychees is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you should reject something just because it does not look good from the outside. You need to be patient and take look at the real thing before making a decision. Dreams of lychee mean happiness and success from hard work. It is also associated with visit to exotic places.

Dream of lychees and you are seen in the dream means positive results. There will be opportunity to travel. It also means you will be independent and make firm decisions.

Dreaming of lychee and you are not seen in the dream means in near future you will decide to miss out on a good opportunity. It also means a period of indecision and unwanted thoughts.

Dreams of lychees going bad means you will goof up an opportunity and then regret. It is a kind of warning sign and is asking you to show patience and commonsense.