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Dreaming Of Luggage – Meaning

Dreaming of luggage is both good and bad sign as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream means travel or change of residence. It also means transfer or new job at a distant location. Dreams of luggage are also a sign that you will be given additional responsibilities. It is also a sign of family or relationship burden.

Dream of luggage and you are seen in the dream means you can expect sudden changes in life. It also means something you had planned for future might be preponed.

Dreaming of luggage and in the dream it is in an unknown place means you will see sudden change of residence. It also means unexpected problems in your current location.

Dreams of luggage and you see other people in the dream means get-together or family function. It also means picnic or vacation.

Dream of luggage and you wake up crying or terrified means return of something that you always dreaded. It also means burden of old mistakes.