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Dreaming Of Losing Phone – Meaning

Dreaming of losing phone is a negative sign as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means you are not thinking properly and you will cause financial damage by chasing something that has no real value. Dreams of losing phone also mean you will be careless and this will be result in misplacing or loss of valuables.

Dreaming of losing phone and you are present in the dream means sudden problems in life especially due to losing important documents or electronic gadgets.

Dream of losing phone and you are frantically searching for it in an unknown place means you will be robbed in a new place. It also means you will only realize about loss or theft very late.

Dreams of losing phone and you are accusing someone means prejudice or wrongly accusing people.

Dream of losing phone and you are scared or crying means you are not touch with reality and your actions were all superficial. You will pay for this behavior in near future.