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Dreaming Of Lavender Flowers – Meaning

Dreaming of lavender flowers is a good omen as per dream meaning and interpretation. The dream means sudden progress and happy news. It also means unexpected gains and beautiful sights. Dreams of water and lavender flowers are a sign of desire fulfillment and new relationships.

Dream of lavender flowers and you see yourself in dream means travel to nature. You will visit beautiful places with friends or relatives. It also means discovering something new in your life. It also means new relationship.

Dreaming of lavender flowers and you are not in the dream means missed opportunity. It also means you will hear about something good and would want to try it out.

Dreams of lavender flowers in a vase mean friendship with people who are rich and powerful.

Dream of lavender flowers going bad is a sign of stagnation and lack of activity in near future.

Dreaming of too many lavender flowers means you will be extremely busy and might ignore some important meetings. It also means people not valuing your time and effort.