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Cuscus Plant In Hinduism

Cuscus plant is put in the water used to bathe deity every day in Hinduism. It is known as khas or khas-khas or khus in Hindi, vettiver in Tamil, ushira or rashira in Sanskrit. As per Srimad Bhagavad Purana (11.27.30-31), the worshiper should bathe the deity every day, as opulently as his assets permit, using waters scented with sandalwood, ushira root, camphor, kumkum and aguru.

The plant is also associated with Mahadev Shiva. Unmarried girls should circumambulate the cuscus plant and knot two blades for early marriage to a desired man.

It is believed that Mahadev Shiva appeared in the form of a swayambhu Shivling in the midst of ushira grasslands and thus is known as Ushiraneshwara.