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Champaka Flowers In Hinduism

Champaka flowers are mainly used in the worship of Bhagavan Sri Krishna and Kamdev, the Hindu god of love. Champaka tree is widely mentioned in Ramayana and it is found in the palace of Kaikeyi (Ramayana 2. 10.3). The tree is mentioned in the forests through which Sri Rama passed during the exile especially at Panchavati (3.15.17) and the Malaya and Sahyadri Mountains (6.4.72).

Brahma is said to have declared that those who plant and take care of champaka plant will go to heaven.

The flower is one of the arrows of Kamadeva.

The flowers are offered in the worship of Krishna. In some regions, the flowers are not offered to Shiva but in some regions it is.

The flower has been mentioned in the Brihat Samhita (29.8).

A story among the Soliga tribes state that champaka tree is an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. There is a story in the tribal folklore which states that a virtuous daughter of a tribal elder transformed in a champaka tree and it started to bear gold flowers.

Performing puja of Lord Krishna (Vitthalnath form of Krishna) with Champak flowers is considered highly auspicious.

Champaka Dwadashi Vrat is observed in Odisha in the month of Jyeshta and it is an auspicious day in many Vishnu temples in the region.