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Brahmasutra And Katha Upanishad On Nataraja Dance

In Brahmasutra, one of the triple basic knowledge texts of Vedanta – Prasthanatrayi – there is an aphorism which states kampanatha, meaning through vibration. The reference is to the creation of the universe through vibration. Katha Upanishad, which has a bearing on this aphorism, implies that the whole universe vibrates in Brahman and that creation is the vibration of energy.

The creation of the universe is also attributed to sound. Sound is caused by vibration, and the Big Bang cosmological theory suggests vibration as the origin of the universe. The sound of damaru (drum) is also said to be the origin of the universe.

The image of Nataraja, adored as God and admired for the beauty of His form, made in stone and metal sculpture, is looked upon as a symbol of creation. Through dance – rhythmic movements of the limbs of the deity – Nataraja sets the cosmos into motion and thereby creates the universe.