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Bhagavad Gita Chapter VII Verse II

I shall declare unto thee, without reserve, this Knowledge as well as its realization, having known which nothing more here (on earth) remains to be known. (Bhagavad Gita Chapter VII Verse II).

Listen attentively, for I - Bhagavan, ‘in whom are hidden all treasures of wisdom and knowledge’ – am going to teach you without reserve the great mystery of My Being. Not only mere information shall I give you, but also the realization of My words. Having obtained that knowledge, there is nothing here on earth that remains unknown to you. As I reveal the Truth to you, My words will carry conviction. And not only that, they will be a revelation to you. They will illumine your understanding; a new mystical consciousness will open up before you. You will enter new realms of wisdom. You will come face to face with Truth; nay, you will enter into and become Truth. Becoming Truth – that is realization, that is samadhi. That is the kind of wisdom that I shall communicate to you. Then you will understand what is meant by omniscience. Not that you will enter into the knowledge of every detail of life and worldly interests. No. You will know yourself for the first time. And knowing yourself, you will realize that nothing else is worth knowing. That is omniscience, to know your own divine Self. With that realization will come the knowledge that all else is but a dream – a strange, wonderful delusion, a passing experience, not worthy of any further consideration.

I will draw you unto Myself, and you will know that you and I are one. That will be the end of all your striving and the consummation of all your desires. You will realize that there is nothing more to be known. As waking from a horrid dream we are satisfied to be awake and do not care about the details of the dreams, how such and such a thing could happen during the dream, so all these worldly concerns will lose their interest for you when once you wake up from this delusion of maya. The words of Bhagavan Sri Krishna are full of force. He knows. He relates His own experience. It is only when we speak from experience that our words carry weight and conviction, that we have the power to impress the teaching on the mind of the hearer. Sri Krishna had great love for Arjuna. He wanted to help him out of his delusion. And because there was this love and sincere desire to help, the instruction took effect.

The knowledge that Sri Krishna communicates is productive of great results and therefore it is very hard to obtain.