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Sripadaraja – Short Life History

Sripadaraja was a poet and philosopher of Dvaita tradition Lakshminarayana Tirtha, more widely known as Sripadaraja, head of Padmanabha Tirtha Matha at Mulbagal, was well-versed in Vedas and other knowledge texts, and skilled in the art of music and musical composition.

Vagvajra, the only available work authored by Sripadaraja, is a lucid and attractive commentary on Nyayasudha of Jayatirtha, one of the prominent interpreters of Dvaita philosophy. It served as an inspiration to Vyasaraja, Vadiraja, and other commentators on Dvaita philosophy.

As a composer of sublime and rhythmic devotional songs, he captured the hearts of the people. His nom-de-plume, Ranga Vihala, shows his dedication to the deity Sri Ranganatha of Srirangam. His important musical compositions are Bhramara-gita, Venu-gita and Gopi-gita, besides individual songs.

Sri Raghunatha Tirtha of the Uttaradi Matha, a renowned scholar and a senior contemporary, declared him as Sripadaraja (monarch among saints). He wielded considerable influence over Saluva Narasimha I of Changragiri and was honored by him after his return from the Kalinga campaign (1476 CE). Sripadaraja played a conspicuous role as a spiritual teacher of the gifted disciple Vyasaraja.

Sripadaraja was a great poet and philosopher whose devotional songs and scholarly gloss on the philosophical work, Nayasudha, are landmarks in Dvaita literature.