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Sri Ramakrishna Forgetting His Human Identity

Sri Ramakrishna forgot all about his former self (his human identity) when he became transformed into the Divine Mother Kali. He used to point to his body and speak of it as ‘this, in which the Mother dwells’. His old personality had disappeared.

There remained only the shell or the pillow case (as he sometimes called it) in which the Mother resided. That is the supreme goal; that is mukti or freedom; that is nirvana. ‘He who sees that One in this ocean of death, he who sees that one life in this fleeting universe, who realizes that One who never changes, unto him belongs eternal peace, unto none else.’

This is an exalted state, which we cannot comprehend. But we can accept the testimony of the great bhaktas who have reached that state.


Paramahamsa Ramakrishna, whose mere touch, or benign glance, or word was enough to awaken one’s spiritual consciousness, was at the same time totally untouched by the idea of being a teacher. He remained forever the child and a willing instrument in the hands of the Divine Mother. His method of instruction was as stately as his teachings were sublime.


A Small Collection Of Wonderful Teachings Of Other Masters

Getting a little taste of joy in higher things, one becomes freed from one’s base passions and undesirable habits, unwittingly, without feeling the pain of suppressing or subduing them forcibly.

The same satchidananda (supreme truth) assumed forms under the cooling influence of bhakti and again became formless with the rise of the sun of Knowledge.

Money is dangerous like poison to a sannyasin. It causes worry, pride, anger, and calculation, and inflames one’s desire for physical comfort, rajas, which brings tamas in its train and makes one forget God.

A sannyasin, being in very little need of worldly objects, is like the bee which alights only on flowers in order to sip honey, whereas a house holder is like the ordinary fly which now sips honey but the next moment sits on filth and festering sores.