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Sivasamkalpasuktam From Yajur Veda

Sivasamkalpasuktam, or Shiva Sankalpa Sooktam, is the first six mantras (verses) of 34th chapter of Yajur Veda’s Vajasaneyi Samhita. The concluding phrase of Siva Samkala Suktam, in all six mantras is ‘tanme manah sivasamkalpamastu (mind the right intentions), and this forms the basis of the title. The rest of the 34th chapter is a compilation of miscellaneous texts, which may be used in the performance of a general yajna for different deities.

Sivasamkalpasuktam is regarded as an Upanishad also, because it describes the profound spiritual and psychological aspects of the human mind. According to the hymn, the mind has tremendous power. It is minute, agile, speedy and divine. It goes far when man is awake or asleep. It is the actual illuminator of all the perceptive senses of the human beings. It is only through the mind that wise men can think and the devotees offering sacrifices can perform their religious duties. Mind alone is wisdom, intellect, determination and immortal light, which all human beings have within them. With the help of this alone the world can be comprehended. The ‘tks’, ‘samans’ and ‘yajus’ are established in it. Thoughts of human beings are interwoven in the mind. Just as a skillful charioteer drives horses with complete control over man’s desires.

Mind has the power to change the course of a man’s life by arousing his good or evil tendencies. This hymn prays for good intentions and is repeated six times. The repetition not only creates a poetic rhythm but also emphasizes the significance of having right intentions.