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Sign Of Good Fortune In Hinduism – Saubhagya Chinha

Saubhagya Chinha in Hinduism is a sign of good fortune. It is used with reference to a housewife. Saubhagya means good fortune and Chinha or Cinha means sign. Saubhagyavati is a happily married woman.

Saubhagya results from a good mutual understanding and love between the husband and wife. This is considered a state of blessedness and auspiciousness. The wife having a saffron mark on the forehead and wearing the tali (sacred thread), shows the signs of her good fortune. Similar other signs are bangles, anklets, flowers and fruits. These are used on all festive occasions.

The fall of kumkum (vermilion) accidently on the floor is also considered auspicious. On festive occasions, marriages and others, married women are invited and offered nuts, betel leaves, flowers, fruits, turmeric, red lead, coconuts and sweets – these symbolize good fortune.