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Sayujya In Saiva Siddhanta

Sayujya (unity) is the attainment of unity with the Paramatma (Shiva) as per Saiva Siddhanta. Among the various means of liberation advocated by Saiva Siddhanta, sanmarga is said to be the penultimate stage. This approach indicates the relation between the preceptor and the disciple. The disciple’s doubts are all cleared and he is now qualified to receive the bliss of Shiva. As the impurities are totally annihilated, the self shines in its pristine purity and enjoys all sat qualities, as in Shiva. In liberation, Shaiva philosophy postulates, the self maintains its individuality, devoid of the impurities, and becomes one with Shiva in essence.

Saujya is perfect release, according to Shaivism, from repeated births and deaths. This is attained by following the path of knowledge (jnana marga), resulting in the realization of truth. The being’s enlightenment is through the descent of divine grace. In this release, ignorance is rooted out.

The attainment of spiritual unity is through true knowledge of the Supreme Reality. Knowledge of the Paramatma is truly the liberating force. This consists of

  1. Study of the sacred knowledge texts relating to Bhagavan
  2. Making others study
  3. Listening
  4. Reflecting upon them

Shiva is experienced at the very core of the self. This kind of experience and enjoyment of Bhagavan’s glory is sayujya with Paramatma.